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CCTV System

  Video surveillance systems that rely on sophisticated devices, advanced and high specifications of the presentation and follow-up registration and remote cameras linked through external or internal quality and accuracy of clarity to make interfacing more secure and enable you to follow up and controlled remotely through the Internet or mobile PDA or mobile normal.


*  CCTV System for small & large projects.

*  DVR devices for viewing and registration: 32 / 16 / 8 / 4 camera.

* The system at the registration or registration continuous movement

* System supports IP cameras and the cameras of PTZ cameras internal and external day and night

* Show registration and registration by the previous intelligent search technology to provide many creative times in locating registration.

*Database huge monthly, weekly or daily.

* You can watch the cameras directly from any location world via the Internet or mobile PDA or mobile normal.

*  The system introduced several patterns of the screen divided 32/16/9/4/1 pattern.

* The system to send a message to your mobile and your email and send a message to a fax and a warning bell in the event of any breakthrough or the voice message and a picture of the event.

*  Introduce electronic maps to locate cameras

* The system has several exits of the screen and bilateral external USB and the entrance and Transcriber DVD / RW and entrances and exits and alarm devices and headphones entrance to the TCP / IP.

*  Supports POS system to control point-of-sale.

*  Supports CM300 system more than one location at 1000 dvrs

* And more applications and advantages.