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Time & Attendance



Apparatus and equipment (Hardware):

*   Easy to use device.

*   Potential capacity and the introduction of 1000 mark.

*   Multiple ways to link the computer (RS485 or RS232 or TCP / IP).

*   And a speaker tells accept footprint of non-acceptance.

*   Emergence username and his Registrar when his fingerprint.

*   Connect with the computer programming and reports.

*   The possibility of giving a password with fingerprint every employee.

*   The possibility of linking the Internet and through Headlining real.

*   And a bell wireless information existence visitors.

*   Linked to the Z paid to the exit doors to open.

*   Linking with the door locks multiform (aluminum - glass - Iron ....).

*   Multiple levels of the powers of entry to the options (for the amendment, addition or deletion).

*   Sleek form commensurate with the circumstances.

Program (Software):

*   No. possibility Sri programmable control manager or official staff in order "to falsify information.

*   Access control period allowed for the delay and overtime.

*   The possibility of distributing staff to identify groups and the permanence of each group.

*   The program is user-friendly interfaces.

*   Access to several reports.

*   Report on the possibility of establishing a particular department or a particular section or particular group.

*   Report of the list of those who deserve additional time allowance only.

*      Report presence and the absence of each employee.

*      Inquire about the possibility of permanence officer and research section, or by calling or name.

*      Detail Report of absence and the reasons for each employee.

*      Report of the total days worked by each employee.

*      Report list the names of the employees and extensions.

*      And other reports multinational commensurate with the requirements of all government departments, companies and institutions .